From the Editors

In September 1998, the North-West Section for the Advancement of Science Development of the Russian Academy of Sciences Department for Social Sciences (hereinafter – the North-West Section) was established and the Scientific Journal “Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of Development” (hereinafter – the Journal) was registered.

The main goal of the North West Section and the Journal is to unite the efforts of the scientists specializing in regional economics and economists in order to improve the quality of theoretical and applied research, as well as the educational activities, and to study the prospects and conditions for socio-economic development of Russia’s regions for the medium and long term outlook.

The Journal “Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of Development” is being published by the State Regional Centre for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region («TEST – St. Petersburg») since 1999 under the scientific and methodological leadership of the Department for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The type of the edition (of the Journal publications) is – scientific, refereed, peer-reviewed. It contains both theoretical and empirical articles.

The Journal was duly registered as the mass media by the North-West regional administration of the Russian Federation State Committee for the Press (St. Petersburg) P3423, December 4, 1998, and re-registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) in 2014 (Certificate on the registration of mass media PI No. FS77-58744 of July 28, 2014).

The International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2411-4588 is assigned to the Journal.

According to the list of the mandatory dispatch the copies of each Journal’s issue are regularly sent to the Russian Book Chamber (branch of the Russian News Agency TASS).

The Journal publishes articles on the scientific achievements and research innovations developed:

  • within the projects of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Science Foundation;
  • in accordance with the fundamental scientific research programs of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium;
  • in accordance with the fundamental scientific research programs of the state academies of sciences (for the period of 2013-2020) of the professors and the teaching staff, postgraduate students and young scientists of the academic science and the higher education institutions research of the North-West Federal District;
  • by the representatives of the state authorities and the regional government;
  • by the representatives of the industrial companies of the Russian Federation subjects.

The Journal “Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of Development” is distributed throughout the whole Russian Federation. Distribution is carried out via subscription (subscription index 45074 by the general catalog “The Press of Russia”).

According to the Journal’s list of the mandatory dispatch the copies of each issue are sent to:

  • heads of administrations of the Russian Federation subjects of the North-West Federal District;
  • Russian Federation Presidential Administration;
  • Russian Federation Government;
  • Russian Federation Council;
  • State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation President in the North-West Federal District;
  • Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • scientific research institutes, scientific and educational centers, Russian and foreign higher education institutions;
  • companies, organizations and institutions of various economy sectors, libraries.

Circulation of the Journal is 3,000 copies.

The Journal summarizes the experience of economic development and the organization of management at the level of both the governmental and the Russian Federation subjects and municipalities. For this purpose the Journal involves the officers and employees of the state authorities of the Russian Federation subjects, the CEOs and employees of the higher education institutions, representatives of the scientific and industrial organizations, industrial companies, as the authors and experts for discussing and editing the articles, who share their practical knowledge in the organizational management.

The Journal publishes articles of both foreign and domestic authors on economics and the management theory, analyzes working practice of the middle and top managers in various economy sectors, economists of the financial and banking sector and the social structures of Russia; it also contains the articles covering the original research of the young scientists and postgraduate students in the form of research papers and reports presented at the seminars and conferences, having successfully passed the preliminary scientific discussion.

Editorial staff provides reviewing of all received articles which are in compliance with the scope of the Journal. All reviewers are the qualified experts in the areas covering the subject of the reviewed materials. The procedure for reviewing the articles can be found on a relevant page of the Journal’s official website.

The Journal has an official website – – containing the detailed information on the Journal, composition of the editorial council and the editorial board, the rules for authors, archive of the issues, the current issue, subscription terms and the contact information.

Any author may submit the article manuscript though the on-line system at the website of the Journal  [онлайн-подача-статьи/].

The Journal is registered in the Scientific Electronic Library and included in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index, RSCI ( Editorial of the Journal timely submits the published issues (full texts) in the electronic format to RSCI.

On the 8th of June, 2017 Scientific Journal «Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of Development» is included in the List of the reviewed scientific publications, in which the main scientific results of theses for a degree of the candidate of science and for a degree of the doctor of science have to be published.

Each scientific article published in the Journal includes an abstract, key words (in Russian and English), reference list, drawn up in accordance with the generally accepted rules for scientific publications and given both in Russian language and in transliterated form for the foreign databases.

The articles of the Journal “Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of  Development”  are widely used by professors, teaching staff and students of many domestic higher education institutions in the preparation of lectures, dissertation theses, scientific and methodical works, qualification papers and reports for scientific conferences. High demand on such publications is caused not only by the need in the exchange of experiences and scientific achievements, but also due to the mandatory requirements imposed on the candidates to the positions of lecturers, associate professors and professors in relation to the number and thematic and quality content of their publications.

Scientific level of the Journal “Economy of the North-West: Issues and Prospects of Development” is established by its editorial council.